Shahnameh Prints

This limited edition of museum-quality prints from the book, Shahnameh: The Epic of the Persian Kings have already been purchased by international museums and galleries and private collectors.   
Each print is signed by Hamid Rahmanian and contains the specially designed Shahnameh Project seal. 
Digital print on metallic paper, 13” x 19”, limited edition 15 prints.  
Unframed limited edition prints is $1100
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Simorgh Takes Zaul to Her Nest

The magical bird Simorgh hears the infant cries of the baby Zaul, who was abandond by his father in the wilderness.  Simorgh scoops him up and prepares to feed him to her baby chicks but the beautiful baby charms the bird mother and she decides to raise him as her own.  


First Trial of Rostam: Rakhsh Kills a Lion

Rostam embarks on his first adventure in what is known as the Seven Trials of Rostam to save the Iranian king from the White Div.  The first trial involves Rostam’s loyal steed, Rakhsh who bravely thwarts a deadly lion’s attack while Rostam sleeps.  


Rostam Bids Tahmineh Farewell

After a sensuous night, the two lovers say goodbye to each other.  Tahmineh promises that if she becomes pregnant with a boy, she will raise him to be a strong knight like his father.  


The White Div Attacks

Kay Kavous wages war on the inhabitants of Mazarandan.  He soon regrets his decision and finds himself and his army besieged and blinded by the magic and power of the White Div. 


Sudabeh Takes Siavosh into the Haram

Sudabeh takes Siavosh to the haram to choose a wife.  But her intentions are not pure as she, herself, longs to take her stepson as her lover.    


Jarireh's Nightmare

In the tragedy of Forud, the Castle Kalat is besieged by the Iranian army.  Jarireh, Forud’s mother, foresees the tragic end of what was a foolish confrontation in her dream. 


Siavosh and Jarireh in the Garden

In exile in Turnan, Siavosh finds his place and falls in love with the enemy king Afrasiab’s daughter Jarireh. 


King Jamshid Ascends the Heavens

After many years of introducing humans to the arts of civilization, building magnificent structures, taming the fairies and demons, the great Jamshid sits on a throne that is lifted to the heavens.  With this event, he called that day Nowruz, the Persian New Year.  


The Battle of Rostam and Esfandiar

As the epic part of the Shahnameh winds down, the old and mighty warrior, Rostam finds himself at war with the righteousEsfandiar.  Neither wish to fight the other, and are really pawns in a bigger flight, back at the capitol.


Second Trial:  Rostam in the Desert

Rostam embarks on his first adventure in what is known as the Seven Trials of Rostam to save the Iranian king from the White Div.  The Second trial finds Rostam and his loyal steed, Rakhsh lost and weary in the desert.  Close to death, a ram appears and guides him to an oasis, where he finds water and reprieve from the sun. 


Night Attack

During the long wars between Iran and Turan, one night, Rostam’s army lets their guard down.  As they drink and make merry into the wee hours of the night, the enemy army sneaks up on the unsuspecting Iranians and besieges the camp.  


Fourth Trial: Maiden in the Garden

Rostam embarks on his first adventure in what is known as the Seven Trials of Rostam to save the Iranian king from the White Div.  In the forth trial, Rostam is bewitched be a beautiful oude player who attempts to distract him from his journey.  HOWever when he utters the name of god, the beauty turns into an old withered witch who Rostam quickly slays and returns to his adventure.  


Afrasiab's Recurring Nightmare

Afrasiab from the land of Tur, is haunted by dreams of his death by a great and powerful Iranian knight.  


The First War

The young Rostam confronts the wily Turnian prince, Afrasiab, in his first battle. Afrasiab is left running back to his side, beltless as the Iranians cheer for their new hero.  


The Ascension of Kay Khosrow

The angel Soroush tells the holy King Kay Khowrow that it is time to leave the physical world behind. A small band of loyal knights follow their king to the mountainside and try to convince him not to depart.  The next morning, only a few bewildered knights survive a heavy snowfall.


The Death of Siamak by Ahriman

At the beginning of the Shahnameh, Siamak, the son of first king Tahmoures tries to slay Ahriman but his strength is no match for the devil and he is easily defeated, leaving Tahmoures to morn the untimely death of his son. 


The Battle of Rostam and Sohrab Drags On

Rostam faces Sohrab on the battlefield, unbeknownst to him that Sohrab is his only son.  The two powerful warriors take turns besting each other through out the day and night.  Neither are sure they can win over the other.  


Map of Shahnameh

Enjoy exploring the lands of Shahnameh.  This is the first time an artist has attempted to render the geography. 

13" x 17", Unframed.
Limited edition of 100
$250 each