We've produced a series of Shahnameh-themed puzzles that will delight and entertain the young at heart.  An edition of 100 for each design, they are a wonderful way to introduce the art of Shahnameh to your family and friends. Puzzles come with a descriptive story of the scene.
$25 each |  Laminated cardboard | 56 pieces |  12" x 1 6.5" |  For 5 years and up.

Two Lovers: Zaul and Rudabeh


Inspired by the show, Feathers Of Fire, the enchanting puzzle tells the action-packed tale of Zaul and Rudabeh, two star-crossed lovers of old Persia. Zaul is raised by a mythical bird in the wild. His deep love for Rudabeh enables them both to triumph over inconceivable odds, and then give birth to a beloved son, Rostam — the most important mythological hero of Shahnameh.

King Jamshid Creates Nowruz


This beautiful puzzle, taken from the pages of Shahnameh, The Epic of the Persian Kings, tells the pre-historic story of King Jamshid, who, after discovering many things that contributed to human civilization, commanded the angles and demons to build him a flying throne.  Flying high in the sky, Jamshid, marked this feat as Nowruz, the eve of the spring equinox and Perisan new year, which people around the world still celebrate today. 

Simorgh Rescues Zaul


From the book Shahnameh, The Epic of the Persian Kings, Zaul was left abandoned in the Alborz Mountains. The magnificent bird, Simorgh, flew over and saw the helpless naked baby kicking up the dust and crying.  She picked him up  and took him to her nest, where her chicks treated the baby with kindness and shared their food with him. From that day on, the Simorgh loved Zaul as her own and sustained him into adulthood.

The King Reaches for the Heavens

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This unique puzzle gives you a glimpse into the magic and beauty of the Shahnameh. The image is taken from Hamid Rahmanian's seminal book, Shahnameh The Epic of the Persian Kings. The 56 piece puzzle retells the story of Kay Kavous, an Iranian King who builds a flying contraption in order to conquer the moon and stars. It's a great keepsake and entertaining conversation piece.

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